Print is Undead.

Is print dead? This is a question that has been buzzing around since the rapid increase in social media, e-mail and on-line marketing.

Print is not dead rather, it is mutating, changing and adapting. Print is still a powerful and necessary component of most ad campaigns.

Here are some advantages it has over its digital counterparts.
Tangibility: A print piece or promotional item is a physical thing that one may keep for months or years. Internet ads can disappear into cyber space instantaneously.

Branding: Print is excellent for solidifying your brand identity. Ads should have a consistent aesthetic theme in terms of fonts, colors and types of images.

More Engaging: Consumers are more engaged when reading printed material. Websites, however, are often skimmed in as little as a 15 seconds.

Less Print Ads: With more businesses relying solely on the Internet for their advertising needs, the decline of print publication can actually be used as a marketing advantage. The publications are less crowded, allowing more room for your ad to shine.

Contact us to help you determine the best way to market your business. We utilize as many channels as possible to reach every corner of your target demographic, including print. Finding the right balance between various media will ensure a steady revenue flow, an increase in sales and a stream of new customers.

Here are a few fun infographics to get you in the Halloween spirit!