Brand, Identity and Logo. What’s the Difference?

Brand is not one single thing. It is everything a business has to offer. It is the emotional response from the customer.
Everything a business does, owns, or produces as well as their core values and goals constitutes the entire brand. It is not something designers can create. That is the customer’s role. Designers research the customer’s ideas, dig deep into the business to discover the company’s distinguishing factors and concentrate on an original brand. Designers bring all of the components together to create a clear understanding of the company’s brand.

Identity is the tangible and visual elements of the brand.
This includes stationary, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, flyers, brochures, books, websites, apparel, promotional items, signage, product packaging, audio and video materials. Identity also provides the company with a guide to manage communications and design elements such as color, typeface and placement of the logo.

A logo is a “mark” or “icon” that identifies a brand in the simplest form possible.
A logo should convey the company’s beliefs, emotions, and values to customers in just one graphic. This is the most important element when it comes to brand recognition. What your logo means is far more important than the actual logo itself. If it does not connect with your brand, it can really stop your business from moving forward.

These three elements, brand, identity and logo, work together in creating the best design solutions possible.

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