Refresh Your Brand Identity

Do you ever wonder how big brands like Starbucks, Apple, and Pepsi remain so successful? Of course they create great quality products and manage competitive prices, but one of the most important tasks in maintaining a sustainable brand is refreshing the brands identity. A brand identity is the visual image that is portrayed to the customers. This includes the logo, signage, stationary, print and marketing materials, commercials, advertisements, and promotional items. It is important to keep these items cohesive and consistent with the ever changing world around us.

Take a look at Starbucks. Over the years Starbucks has morphed and evolved their visual presence in the market to represent the trends that their loyal customers are experiencing. Brand consultants agree that a fresh brand will reflect a newer, current and up-to-date image of a company. This is reassuring to its existing customers and attractive to new ones. Your visual identity is your first impression and distinction within the marketplace. It is your initial connection with customers and it should show them who you are.

If you treat your brand image like a living, breathing thing, and take careful action to help it grow, your customers will take notice and recognize your effort to make your company successful. Changing elements of your brand can be a scary thought but, by calling on professional designers like us, we can evaluate and develop the best solution for your company.