Produce a Profitable Direct-Mail Campaign

Learn how snail mail can be more effective than email

In today’s digital world, it may be hard to imagine that the old-fashioned method of snail mail is more effective than an email in marketing to prospective clients. Experts say it can be, when the direct mail effort is part of a strategic, comprehensive marketing plan.

Start with a list close to home: A list of current customers and those who are interested in your company is 15 times more likely to yield responses than if you mail to prospects who have never heard of you.

Pick the right format: There are many formats to choose from when planning a mailing. Finding the right one for your offer, niche, and budget is critical for a successful campaign.

Ask them to buy: If you want people to buy from you, you have to ask them to. A clear call to action should tell your customer to place an order, when to do it, and how.

Benefits Sell: People buy benefits, not features. They buy whiter teeth, a slimmer waist, convenience… you get the idea. Make sure to pile on the benefits throughout your direct-mail piece.

Track your mail: Tracking your direct-mail campaigns isn’t about the past. It’s about the future and understanding what worked and what didn’t work so you can refine future campaigns for higher ROIs

Mail list hygiene: Remove duplicate names and bad addresses. Keeping an up-to-date list can save you money by not sending mail to people who won’t receive it.

Timing is everything: Learn how responses vary according to the time of year and experiment with small mailings to compare responses over time.

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