Managing the Wait With Customized Premium Products

How do you keep your customers engaged—and excited—while they are anxiously waiting months for the arrival of their brand-new Ford Bronco? You take the rugged essence of an outdoor lifestyle and channel it into premium customized gifts representative of the wild spirit that the Ford Bronco encompasses.

In early 2021, Ten10 became the official partner to administer the new Bronco “Manage the Wait” gifting program, which involves sourcing, ideating, producing, and fulfilling over a dozen different premium products procured and distributed to over 120,000 recipients. Gifts sent include Bronco-branded hammocks, blankets, posters, decks of cards, and more, all designed with the outdoor adventurist in mind. The concept is meant to bridge the gap between the pre-order period and the time the buyer receives delivery of the much-anticipated legendary vehicle.

Ten10 was able to work with global vendors to source a very high volume of customized products and map logistics of packaging, shipping, and delivery all within limited timelines.

We take pride in delivering—and exceeding expectations—on our promises to clients. How can we create an unparalleled brand product experience for your customers as we did for Bronco? Tell us about your project.

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