Gear Wash

Breathing New Life Into a Respected Brand

Gear Wash specializes in advanced cleaning, inspections, and repair services that meet industry-established standards and manufacturer requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE). Their current logo was not serving them well, and so they approached Ten10 Design seeking an entirely new look for their brand.


  • Incorporate aspects of water and fire without being cliché.
  • Remain true to the identity and integrity of the company.
  • Deliver a unique solution to use across all media (print, web, signage, apparel, and promo).

Our Solution:

Ten10 developed a brand identity and standards guide for Gear Wash to bring greater purpose and consistency to their branding. This comprehensive brand refresh included a new logo design and recommendations for typography, fonts, color palette, color usage, and stationery design. As Ten10 explored logo design options for Gear Wash, they ensured the new logo would align with the new brand identity and guidelines.

If your current logo or branding just isn’t working or is outdated, reach out to the creative team at Ten10 Design. Let’s work together to breathe new life into your brand.

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