GV Art + Design

Producing Creative Branded Apparel for the Corporate Market

GV Art + Design is considered by many to be one of the best and most creative apparel brands on the market today. Channeling their love for sports, their hometown of Cleveland, and their incredible artistic ability, George and Greg Vlosich have grown the brand from humble beginnings in their parents’ basement to multiple retail stores across Northeast Ohio in addition to over 50 national retailers across the country.

In 2019, Ten10 and GV Art + Design established a partnership to produce creative branded apparel for the corporate market. Just as GV Art + Design has built a cult following of fans around city and sports themes, Ten10 saw an opportunity for corporate brands to energize their audience in a similar way. Clients looking for a fresh and creative solution to their branded apparel needs should look no further than the Ten10 and GV Art + Design collaboration. 

Are you looking for an exciting and new way to engage your corporate audience? We’d love to share more about what we, together with GV Art + Design, can do for your business.

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