Installed Building Products (IBP)

Consolidating eStorefronts and Streamlining Orders

Installed Building Products (IBP) is a Columbus-based construction service provider with locations all over the United States, offering products to fit home building needs. Their family of companies specialize in various aspects of the building industry, including insulation, garage doors, rain gutters, closet shelving, bathroom fixtures and showers, fireplaces, window blinds, and door locksets. 

IBP offers more than 100 different logo options to its clients. With the need to offer custom-branded apparel and hardgoods with every logo as an option for imprinting, IBP needed a solution to let their employees pick which logo they needed for the order. IBP was also using an outdated storefront that was not user-friendly and ordering and fulfillment timing was a constant issue. 


  • Find a solution to streamline 100 different logo options.
  • Manage issues with ordering and fulfillment.
  • Improve on existing eStorefront.

Our Solution:

Ten10 was able to offer IBP a solution for their eStorefront business and resolve all the issues their current site was causing. With some creative coding applied to the online platform, a simple dropdown was able to be integrated into the ordering process, resulting in a simpler and more user-friendly layout of the store site. 

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