Ursuline College

Delivering Consistency and Quality Control

Ursuline College, located in Pepper Pike, faced the same issues that other large corporations and institutions of higher education face—inconsistent branding, irregular printing, and an overall lack of quality control.


  • Bring consistency to the school’s branding.
  • Resolve issues with irregular printing.
  • Ensure quality control for all design and print marketing.

Our Solution:

Not only was Ten10 Design able to provide a solution to centralize printing of college stationery, business cards, and other miscellaneous collateral but we worked with a local printing vendor to build out a custom ordering site exclusively for the needs and use of Ursuline staff. The result is a user-friendly, one-stop-shop platform that has simplified the ordering process and ensured consistency in the final products. 

Is your organization struggling with issues similar to Ursuline College? Ten10 Design has innovative and practical solutions that will resolve issues with printing inconsistency, quality, and timing. Let us know how we can help.

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