Empowering Employees and Giving Back Through the Sale of T-Shirts

Verizon creates the networks that move the world forward. Their mission is their motto, so when the Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum in the spring of 2020, Verizon announced they were dedicated to supporting foundations to benefit the black community. 

The Verizon Brand Governance team reached out to Ten10 to help execute their plan to benefit the black community through the sale of branded t-shirts.

Ten10 developed an end-to-end solution to source, screen print, sell, fulfill, and ship orders for thousands of shirts, all through the formulation of an eCommerce platform distributed to all Verizon employees in the US. A portion from each shirt sold is donated to the National Urban League (NUL).

  • Shirt samples were printed and approved in two weeks.
  • The custom eCommerce site was developed and pushed live in less than one week.
  • Campaign and site were promoted internally to all U.S. Verizon employees by the CEO, CMO, and other c-suite executives. 

In the first 48 hours the campaign was live, 3,787 shirts were sold, with 5,917 sold in the first month. As of April 2021, over $60,000 has been donated to the NUL by Ten10 on behalf of Verizon, with new orders still being submitted and fulfilled every week.

Because this project was such a success, Verizon has asked Ten10 to duplicate efforts to support other internal initiatives, such as VtoV, Verizon’s Employee Relief Fund, and Employee Resource Groups (ERG) dedicated to supporting and celebrating diversity and inclusion within the company. 

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